⭐ Lamphone

This allows for real-time listening in on a room hundreds of feet away by using a light bulb that may be visible in a window.

Sounds are recovered by simply observing the minuscule vibrations on the glass surface of a bulb, the light changes that these cause and some signal processing


Eulerian Video Magnification

An algorithm developed by MIT can be used to show changes invisible to the naked eye in your video clips.

Eulerian Video Magnification creates visualisations of otherwise undetectable movements and colour shifts in video footage.



The trouble with freedom

We've come to believe that freedom is the natural human condition, which only tyrants prevent everyone from enjoying - but when a tyrant is toppled, we can't know what will come next, says John Gray.



The is a new and exciting approach that makes it easier to calculate particle interactions and suggests that space and time are not fundamental parts of reality.

As many of you know I have long believed that time was an illusion - hence DarkTime.



Sending food to Africa is 'barmy'

Sending bags of flour to Africa in the hope of preventing famines is barmy, Sir David Attenborough has said.

Crises over the lack of food in the Third World were about too many people and too little land, the naturalist and television presenter said.


Negative Light

The impact of something we thought couldn't exist has now been detected.

A cornerstone of modern physics is mathematics. Like it or not, without the tools provided to physicists by mathematics, physics would be dead in the water. But (and this is something that all of us forget on occasion) solving equations is not the same as understanding the physics.


Thesis extract

Just an extract from my thesis as a demonstration of the KaTeX mark up language and rendering system.


President Donald Trump

So you cant understand why such an obnoxious creature as Trump won – let me offer a viewpoint. I know you have been to the USA; to California, New York, Washington and the Miami beaches. Some of you will have ventured to Boston, Chicago, Seattle and have been shopping in the Twin Cities. Well let's make it clear all of these areas in their masses voted for Clinton.